Children in Library

Jaime Manfra, Founder and CEO

"Jaime ensures that Microschool educators stay connected and contribute to the greater community by helping them develop creative and inclusive service-learning school cultures."


Shirley Lowry,
Board Member 

"Shirley specializes in early learning and primary education.  She is a valuable resource to ensure Microschools offer the most stimulating environment possible with ongoing educator training and innovative classrooms that continually address state standards. 

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Monique Stevens,
Board Member 

"Monique's proficiency with bi-literate and technology based education ensures that our students are maximizing their capacity for growth and excellence in our rapidly developing world." 

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Megan Lawton,

"Megan's administrative expertise ensure proper delegation of resources and supportive training in the area of finance and organization for Microschools. Her experience in securing scholarships is a valuable resources for Micro-highschools in maintaining successful dual enrollment programs with local colleges." 


Afsaneh Dean,
Vice President 

"Afsaneh's experience with Youth Empowerment

Programs ensure Microschool educators are connected to resources and training for ongoing youth activities in their community." 


Jenny Jackson,
Board Secretary

"Jenny ensures that Microschool educators and professionals stay connected with efficient and supportive communication, and her experience in high school classrooms is a valuable resource in the development of higher education preparation and dual enrollment opportunities." 


Nasif Habeeb'u'llah,
Board Member 

"Nasif's years of experience with counseling and youth mentoring provide valuable insight on behavior, to help educators create intrinsically motivated pro-social interactions." 


Von Habeeb'u'llah,
Board Consultant  

"Von's years of experience as a teacher in diverse classrooms serve to greatly assist Microschool educators in connecting with one another in order to maximize inclusion while maintaining cultural integrity."