Service Learning Micro-schools Organization(SLMO)'s mission is to provide children in underserved communities with the opportunity to attend innovative, student, family and community centered, service oriented schools within their own neighborhoods. Key components of this mission are - to empower teachers within these neighborhoods to become the owners of the micro-schools where they teach, and to commit to community building within these neighborhoods.

As a Bahá'í inspired organization, SLMO is motivated by and operates based on the principal of the oneness of humanity. This means that we are fully committed to the elimination of racial, religious, and class prejudice, fostering economic justice, promoting the equality of men and women, recognizing the balance of science and religion, promoting the individual investigation of truth, and embracing unity in diversity.

Afsaneh K. Dean

Nasif Habeebullah

Jennifer Jackson

Megan Lawton

Monique Stevens

Shirley Lowry

Jaime Manfra


Our board members' commitment to these ideals is manifested not only in our schools' curricula, but also through our teacher and student recruitment methods and our community building efforts.


Nurturing human connections and building community has never been more imperative in the internet and social media age. SLMO board members have experienced the critical difference that incorporating grassroots level community building into the school curriculum can make to students overall social, emotional, academic, and spiritual well being. This intentional focus on the balance between educating the individual student and fostering the well being of the students' family and community is what distinguishes our organization from other educational organizations and initiatives.